General conditions


The rental is made under the following general conditions:



The tenant takes possession of the accommodation from 4 p.m., reception provided on site by a representative of the A2D Port Fréjus agency after an appointment fixed between the 2 parties. Before his arrival the accommodation was prepared, checked and cleaned. Any anomaly, particularly concerning the inventory, must be reported no later than 48 hours after arrival. After this period, no complaint will be taken into account.


The rental ceases automatically at the end of the fixed term, without the need to issue notice. The rental cannot be extended without the prior written consent of the agency. The parties will agree on the conditions of this extension.


Upon booking, a 30% deposit payable by the tenant is required making the commitment of the parties final. Consequently, if one of the parties refuses to perform its obligations, the other party may request performance or compensation. The balance of the rental must arrive in the hands of the agency at least 30 days before the date of arrival. If the deadline is not met, the agency may offer the property to another tenant.

The tenant agrees on the day of taking possession of the premises to pay the tourist taxes. Payment by check will not be accepted that day (payment by credit card or cash only). The tenant who does not pay all the amount due cannot take possession of the rented premises and the sums paid definitively acquired by the agency.


The amounts of the rents, tourist taxes, additional services and the security deposit (deposit) are fixed at the time of booking.Upon arrival, the tenant pays the agency by credit card imprint a security deposit which covers any damage that may be caused to movable or other objects furnishing the rented premises. Thus, any lost, broken or damaged object must be replaced or reimbursed to the lessor at its replacement value by the tenant who undertakes to do so; this also applies to rented linen which would be rendered unusable on the basis of its value when new. The security deposit can also be used if the condition of the accommodation at the exit was different from the entry (in the absence of the cleaning service included), the non-execution of the dishes and the cleaning of the kitchen area which remain always to be carried out by the tenant, or by the need to have to carry out additional cleaning services by a state of dirtiness mentioned in the inventory of check-out.As a reminder, the accommodations are the subject of a systematic exit inventory with the outgoing tenant and left at the disposal of the incoming tenant who must report within 48 hours of any omission or complaint, after the deadline no complaint will be taken. into account. The security deposit will be returned within 8 days following the tenant's departure, after deducting any costs for covering the damage and degradation noted as well as the price of washing carpets, blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc. which would have been stained.


The tenant has been regularly informed of the sleeping capacity upon booking and the number of people may not be greater than that indicated, except with the prior agreement of the agency. Failing this, the agency is authorized to claim additional rent or even refuse entry to the premises.


The tenant declares that he is insured with an insurance company against the risk of theft, fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for the furniture rented out, as well as for recourse by neighbours, and justify this to the Agency's first request. The agency declines all responsibility for the recourse that the company of an injured third party could exercise against the tenant in the event of a claim.Cancellation insurance is included in this contract and included in the rental price, it can be deducted at the tenant's written request, it being specified that in the event of cancellation the tenant will remain liable for payment of the entire rental and all the means will be implemented for the recovery of the sums due and of which the costs incurred will be borne by the tenant.The table of Cancellation insurance guarantee amounts can be viewed on our website. The information notice is provided to the tenant upon request.


The tenant acknowledges having had information relating to ERP-ESRIS-ERNMT and in particular being aware that the rented accommodation is located in a low seismicity zone (level 2) and in a classified 3 Radon exposure zone.


-The tenant, under penalty of immediate termination, is prohibited from subletting, even free of charge, from assigning his rights to this agreement without the Agency's written agreement. He will occupy the rented accommodation in a strictly bourgeois manner, at the same time prohibiting himself from any trade and may under no circumstances furnish the accommodation with furniture, except for linen and small objects.

-The tenant declares on his honor that he does not exercise and does not seek to exercise any profession in the locality and region where the rental is located and that the accommodation and annexes forming part of this contract are rented as a temporary residence , on the occasion of his holidays major conditions without which this rental would not have been granted.

-The tenant must not do anything which, by his own doing or because of his family or his relations, may harm the tranquility of the neighborhood and other occupants.

-The tenant declares to have read the internal regulations of the building and to comply with them as well as the internal regulations of the swimming pool in the event that the residence has a swimming pool. He will respect the opening and closing hours of the latter, its conditions of use.

  • No modification in the interior layout of the rented premises will be tolerated.
  • - No animal may be introduced into the rented premises without prior authorization from the Agency.
  • -The tenant must refrain from throwing into the washbasins, sinks, bathtubs, bidets, toilets, etc. objects likely to obstruct the pipes, failing which he will be liable for the costs incurred for the re-commissioning of these devices. He must allow the necessary work to be carried out during the rental, in the rented premises. In this regard, due to the difficulties encountered during the season in obtaining the intervention of staff or a specialized company, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any delays in carrying out the necessary repairs.-The tenant must return the accommodation in good condition and the kitchen area cleaned and the dishes done, even if end-of-stay cleaning is planned. If at the end of the rental period, objects or furniture are missing or damaged, they must be replaced or paid for by the tenant with the agreement of the Agency.
  • -The tenant must inform of any disaster occurring in the rented premises as well as any damage even if it does not result in apparent damage. He will not be able to claim any deduction of rent or compensation in the event that urgent repairs incumbent on the owner appear during the rental.
  • -He must give advance notice of the arrival time in accordance with the time slot indicated on the reservation, i.e. from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and make an appointment with the agency for the inventory of check-out, outing which must be done before 10am. In the event of early departure, the rent will not be refunded except with the agreement of the owner and the Agency.
  • - in the event that the rental is granted with internet access, the tenant undertakes to comply with the regulations in force and his liability will be involved both from a civil point of view and in criminal matters if this appears necessary, the owner cannot be held responsible for such actions (illegal downloads and websites, etc.).


The agency checks the accommodation in the presence of the tenant, the latter having made an appointment beforehand. If it is impossible to carry out this verification in a contradictory manner, the agency will carry out a verification in the morning and will notify the tenant within 48 hours of any anomaly noted.The lessor is required to deliver the rented premises in good working order and repairs, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order, he must ensure the peaceful enjoyment of the rented premises and guarantee it against defects. and lack of such a nature as to prevent it.


For the execution of the present, the parties elect domicile at their respective addresses. However, in the event of a dispute, the competent Court will be that of the district where the rented premises are located. 

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